Total Ankle Replacement

Total Ankle Replacement

Ankle arthritis pain can take some of the magic out of life. It can limit your ability to enjoy everyday activities and share moments with those you love.
Patients suffering from painful end-stage ankle arthritis often cite lost mobility as a symptom that negatively impacts their daily life. Now, Dr. Lindsay Barth at Next Step Foot and Ankle Centers can offer its patients MoveWright™ Total Ankle Replacement, a procedure that has been designed to relieve arthritic pain and restores movement to the damaged ankle joint.


Ankle arthritis can often be traced back to a traumatic injury, and occurs when the protective cartilage between the bones gradually wears down. This bone-on-bone contact can cause pain, swelling, stiffness and reduced ankle mobility over time. MOVEWRIGHT™ Total Ankle Replacement replaces the damaged cartilage with a customized implant that bends and flexes to mimic the natural movement of a healthy ankle, allowing patients to get back to living an active lifestyle.


When non-surgical treatments fail to provide relief from ankle arthritis pain, patients might explore surgery. Previously, options like fusion surgery only treated the pain associated with ankle arthritis while further limiting the ankle’s natural range of motion by locking the joint into place. With MOVEWRIGHT™ Total Ankle Replacement, patients may finally get pain relief without sacrificing their movement. Patients can also return to activities after as early as 6-weeks, which is about half the recovery time of a fusion surgery

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