April marks the observance of National Foot Health Awareness Month

April marks the observance of National Foot Health Awareness Month, highlighting an essential aspect of our well-being that is often overlooked. Did you know that about 20% of Americans face at least one foot issue every year? Such problems can often signal underlying health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, or peripheral neuropathy. To help you maintain happy, healthy feet, we’re sharing some expert advice!

  • Avoid leaving nail polish on continuously to prevent fungal toenail infections.

  • Keep your feet dry, especially between your toes after washing, to lessen the risk of fungal infections. Follow this with a quality moisturizer to keep the skin supple.

  • Engage in regular stretches for your ankles, lower legs, and feet to prevent injuries, particularly before any physical activities.

  • Be vigilant about wearing shoes in communal areas to protect your feet from scratches, cuts, and potential infections like athlete’s foot or plantar warts.

  • Regularly examine your feet for signs of damage, such as cracks, peeling, injuries, or dry skin, using a mirror to check the soles. This is especially crucial for those with diabetes to prevent non-healing wounds.

  • Ensure your shoes provide adequate support and opt for a low heel. Consider custom orthotics for the best arch support.

  • Update your exercise shoes every six months or after about 500 miles of usage to avoid discomfort from diminished interior support.

  • Remember to apply sunscreen on your ankles and between your toes to protect against sunburn and skin cancer.

  • Monitor your shoe size over time, as it’s likely to change; have your feet measured regularly for the best fit.

  • Maintain a healthy weight to reduce the pressure on your feet, which can lead to heel or foot pain, circulatory issues, arthritis, and stress fractures.

In case of any foot, ankle, or toe injuries, resist the urge to self-treat. Promptly consulting a podiatrist ensures a better recovery outcome. Don’t delay—make an appointment with our office if you encounter any issues.

This month, let’s prioritize our foot health, recognizing its critical role in our overall health and mobility.