Amnio Injections

Amnio Injections

NextStep Foot & Ankle Centers now offers Amnio Injections from Triad Life Sciences®. This is a science-driven, patient-focused biotech company dedicated to the innovation of tissue-based solutions for the treatment of acute or chronic wounds, soft tissue injuries, and other regenerative applications.


Triad’s versatile product portfolio capitalizes on strict material selection criteria, proprietary processing techniques, and preservation methodologies designed to minimize patient risk while preserving the tissues’ inherent healing powers engineered by nature. Available in a multitude of sizes, Triad’s adaptable product lines offer various formulations and provide optimum solutions to complex problems. Triad Life Sciences® offers two products:

Novafix® Amniotic Membrane is used for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds.

Juvenate® is an all-natural, sterilized allograft comprised of 100% amniotic fluid that enhances the body’s natural healing process while offering protection from the surrounding environment.

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