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At NextStep Foot and Ankle Centers, it is an opportunity for career growth and to serve our mission providing quality clinical care to all our patients.  Our offices are one of a kind and a great environment to work in. Here at NextStep, we are not just co-workers to one another, we are family. As the company continues to grow, so does our team!

We strive ourselves to foster a happy, productive, and relaxed environment. We are always honest with our patients, ourselves, and to each other. We are serious when we need to be and have fun when we get a break!

We invite you to read below of a few colleague’s testimonials and their views working at NextStep Foot & Ankle Centers!

Chas Walker

Chas Walker

“Hi, my name is Chas and I joined the Next Step Foot & Ankle Team in June 2016. My current role with the company is Medical Assistant for Dr. Lindsay Barth’s clinic, I follow him to every office he travels too and handle all things involved with his clinic. My current locations that I travel to are Alton IL., South County MO., and Bridgeton MO. I have 23 years of experience and have been with this company for 3.5 years. I am truly happy with my decision to join this company’s team. I started my career here working front office and quickly moved to running Dr. Barth’s clinic with in just over a year and have remained in this position since. What I love most about my position is I am never in the same place every day; I have the opportunity to move around and see many of our locations. I enjoy working with many different people and building what I consider a family-based relationship with everyone. We all work hard as a team and are always willing to give each other a helping hand which makes our days run so great. With so many years of different office types that I have worked in, this company has been my favorite and where I plan to stay for a very long time.”

Miranda Stuller

Miranda Stuller, MA

“Hello, my name is Miranda and I’m currently the DPM Assistant to Dr Krista Nelson at Next Step Foot and Ankle Centers. I have been working in the medical field since 2004. I joined this wonderful team of doctors in June 2017. I mostly work out of the Edwardsville and Alton locations and follow Dr Nelson from location to location. I love working personally with Dr Nelson due to our shared passion of genuinely helping people and families. She strives to help people not only improve their foot health but their overall health through educating them. She loves to keep the work environment relaxed, fun, and entertaining, which makes for an enjoyable work day. This company has a great group of employees that really shows teamwork, which makes for a great work atmosphere. Next Step Foot and Ankle is a great family-oriented company to work for.”